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Serena Buxton

Mentoring with Bit Project gave me an opportunity to connect with students and help ignite their coding confidence and passion

Serena Buxton
Serena Buxton

Product Developer @ Twilio

Stefanus Hinardi

Mentoring through Bit project has been a blast! Seeing the students work on projects from ideation to implementation has been super exciting.

Stefanus Hinardi
Stefanus Hinardi

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Calling All Engineers

Student-Mentor Pairings

Students are paired with mentors based on their technical skills and professional interests, and how they interact with the interests and expertise of the mentors.

Scoped Mentorship Meetings

Bit Project will provide a guide for each mentoring session to help keep meetings meaningful, for both the mentors and the students.

Constructive Mentor Feedback

Through your feedback, we will develop a program that is tailored to your needs and expectations. We will also pass along feedback from the students over to you, to help improve the quality of your experience as a mentor.