BitCamp Aerospace Engineering

We all had an incredible time at our Aerospace Engineering camp 🚀 last weekend. Students spent the day building, testing, and improving their rocket designs and got to launch model rockets at Hutchinson Field. We had some rockets go 400 feet up in the air!

Thank you to all the students, volunteers, and professors who came out to the event!

Come to our next, and final camp co-hosted with the American Institute of Chemical Engineering at UC Davis July 20th!

Shreya Gupta
BitCamp Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Yesterday was the inaugural BitCamp where students built play-doh circuits, paper circuits, and electric cars. Our future engineers had so much fun designing and building their own circuits! A huge shout out to the volunteers, professors, parents and students who attended and make the event a great success.

Shreya Gupta
End of Year!!

Huge shout out to our teachers Ms Rodriguez and Ms McBride, Birch Lane and Cesar Chavez Elementary Schools, as well as our SUPER hard-working volunteers for supporting us and helping us grow so much within the part few weeks!!

Within the past quarter we have organised 15 elementary school outreach events, spanning K-6th grade classes. Our team has grown into a group of 30+ interdisciplinary volunteers, including undergraduate students, graduate students, and parents.

We've integrated project based math and robotics curriculum into two 3rd grade classes and received incredible feedback and demand for expansion into more classrooms and schools.

We're super excited for our plans for next year!

Happy Summer everyone!!

Shreya Gupta
Polygons with Birch Lane!

Thank you Birch Lane for being such awesome hosts today!!

We got to try out our new polygons curriculum with the mix of second and third grade students, learning about shape properties and perimeter.

Shreya Gupta