Promoting Project-Based STEAM Education for K-6 Students


Our Beginning

Young kids are, all on their own, completely committed to being excited and interested in STEM topics. However, without exposure in their early years, they lose that by the time they get to middle school. Studies show that students who are engaged in STEM by the time they are adolescents are more likely to pursue the field as adults.


“Over 50 percent of the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. are math, science, or technology related.”

— NMS (national math + Science initiative)


Elementary teachers are trained as general teachers, and few are trained to specifically teach STEM.  Project Bit aims to help elementary school teachers integrate STEAM education and creative problem solving to their classrooms in hopes of inspiring the next generation of engineers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be an aid to elementary school teachers who don’t have specialized training in STEM education to provide project-based learning experiences to their students. As a student-run organization based at UC Davis, we hope to provide fruitful volunteering experiences for undergraduates and hands-on learning experiences for elementary school students.


Partner with Us

Project Bit is always looking for new schools, sponsors, and organizations to collaborate with. If you are interested, please look at the different ways you can get involved.

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