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Transforming Virtual STEM Education with Microsoft

The Primary Education team's fast response to the pandemic's impact on K-5th grade education

We are actively working to transform project-based virtual learning.

Jingyanshan Li

Primary Education Team Lead

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Bit Project's primary education team held in-person, interactive STEM lessons for students in grades 2-5 focused on a wide range of STEM topics from biology to computer science. However, COVID 19 severely limited what the team could do to provide high-quality STEM experiences.‍


“We are actively working to transform project-based virtual learning.” -Mary Bangloy, Outreach Department Manager

Bit Project partnered with Microsoft to bring hands-on activities to hundreds of students around the world, virtually. Our developers, working from home, developed curricula to supplement learn-from-home.

However, families around the world struggled to get supplies due to stay-at-home orders, which made project-based learning using niche equipment nearly impossible. The primary education team, helmed by curriculum leads Jasmine Yee and Lily Hem, transformed existing STEM activities to involve only readily available materials, allowing students around the world to participate without purchasing expensive materials.

Lessons including DIY Lava Lamps and Weather Plates were all adapted to use common household materials such as water, oil, and food coloring. These sessions are recorded and uploaded to Youtube so students can go back and perform the experiments on their own later.‍

DIY Lava Lamps with the Bit Project team‍

Results & Future Plans

The virtual events held in collaboration with Microsoft have provided hundreds of students around the world with the opportunity to continue learning in a fun and collaborative environment outside of classes. Next year, our team will be working with teachers to help integrate project-based learning into their virtual classes.