Partnership with UC Davis

Using an online system, teachers can request UC Davis volunteers to join them during classroom and after school sessions in order to help out with activities, keep track of inventory, and have materials replaced in time for future activities. The BitCart is an open library of materials students can use for their projects, and explore their engineering and creativity skills by allowing them the freedom to choose their own activities and materials.

Easy for Teachers

Alongside the curriculum, the product is built to require minimal attention and assistance from teachers. Providing students with the independence to decide how to build their projects increases engagement and expands their potential to create and innovate. Volunteers can provide safety assistance and help maintain inventory of materials.

Reducing Cost

Makerspaces are expensive and often require heavy, expensive equipment that are difficult to manage and/or are rarely used. The overtime expenditure of programs involving makerspaces are often larger than the initial costs and lead to a lot of schools abandoning the space altogether. In order to avoid unnecessary spending, we fill the BitCart with affordable, high-quality materials, tested by our team, that are most applicable to the activities at hand.

Something for Every Grade

All labs are tailored to different grade levels, making it simple for teachers to find activities suitable for their classrooms and increasing accessibility to all students regardless of their academic standard.

Designing + Problem Solving

Our curriculum puts a lot of focus on making sure students get to express their creativity and explore all aspects of engineering by allowing them to design parts of their projects. The labs provide students with the foundational steps, and leave it up to the students to decide the steps in between and how to complete the project.